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Beyond Sequences
Beyond Sequences
Digital Render, Laser jet
11" x 14"

Beyond Sequences fixates on notions of familial connectivity along the spectrum of existentialism, fostering contexts of loss and mortality. It visually alludes to the written works of Tim Ingold and Charles Darwin; figures who have catalysed lines, threads, traces, and paths as a profound spectacle of these ideologies. By inspiration of their research, lines become a prominent stylistic choice in this work.

“It only takes a moment’s reflection to recognize that lines are everywhere. As walking, talking and gestuiculating creatures, human beings generate lines wherever they go. It is not just that line-making is as ubiquitous as the use of the voice, hands and feet – respectively in speaking gesturing and moving around – but rather than it subsumes all these aspects of everyday human activity and in so doing, brings them together into a field of inquiry… As the derivation of the word suggests, every ‘thing’ is a parliament of lines."

-Tim Ingold, Lines, 2007.